Tales from the Wreckage

– The Bounty Hunter

"This was a dark place in my life. I had lost everything: wife, family, home, son and careerall gone. I was hurting on the inside and mad as hell on the outside. But I was determined not to give up; I was going to make it ‘by any means necessary.’ That’s when the proposition of becoming a Bounty Hunter opened to me.

How cool. I get to carry a gun, earn some money, and rid society of scum while lawfully acting out my anger and frustrations on others. Yea, I thought. I can get into this. Next came the training. We were taught how to hunt fugitives, people who had skipped bail or broken their bond agreement with the courts. We were trained how to hunt people who had no rights, who were wanted dead or alive, people who, when you weren’t looking, could turn on you like a bear. People who can hunt you back. We were trained that to find these people we had to be clever and above all, careful.

We had to get the jump on the target of the search. We didn’t want to spook them. If it could be avoided, we didn’t want them to see us coming. We wanted to keep the upper hand in this grand pursuit. We wanted to keep the element of surprise in our back pocket. We were directed to look for our prey by searching thru the wreckage and relationships of their lives. Yes, we were looking for them. Our goal was to catch them. There was a price on their head and this was the only way we would get paid. But, the method, the approach to find this person was by looking for Judas; Judas, the Betrayer.

This, we were told, is what bounty hunting was all about. You look thru the relationships and in many cases the wreckage of a person’s life looking for that one person who will turn on them, their Judas, their Betrayer. You talk to and look thru the Cast of Characters who know this person looking for any angle to get them to betray them, give’m up, flip them. You use any means necessary to find them, we were instructed, because many of these people are no angels themselves.

Here’s what makes bounty hunting relevant to transformational storytelling. I got to see the best of people and the worst of people in this world. I got to see the flaws and faults of the subject of the search. I also got to see the flaws and faults of the Cast of Characters who are a part of their lives. I got to see up close and personal some of the darkest aspects of people and what we are capable of in some of our darkest moments. I saw how we love, how we hate, how we cry and how we lie. I saw what we’ll do out of spite, revenge, greed, fear and, for God’s sake, the love of MONEY. I got to see how people and their lives get twisted, complicated and compromised.

You see, bounty hunting can also be a powerful metaphor for developing our own Cast of Characters, our own Marketable Franchise Property (MFP) Story World and most importantly finding the Judas Character that lives inside all of us."

Story Worlds and Cast of Character Narratives

Essential to telling any good story are the Characters. Our Cast of Characters (C of C) are a crucial dimension of the Transformational Storytelling Worlds of PHusion. The work of creating a C of C is essential to Transformational Storytelling because it reflects our ability to give the voice of life to our suffering and pain, our scars and our wounds. To create a C of C, we must take the negativity of that which is past and boldly declare, “This is me, this is a part of me. The past is not just something that happened to me. Nor is the past, and my experiences of the past, just some fate that was visited upon me like some helpless victim.” Creating a C of C is to defiantly, and perhaps even disruptively, declare to the world we choose to give the magic of life to the wreckage, rubble, relationships, deceit, struggle, tragedy and Judases of the past and maybe even the present. Becoming a bounty hunter in our own lives and bringing to light and life the experiences of our journey—this is a Heroic Act of claiming for ourselves a better and brighter future.

By creating a C of C out of the untold stories of our past, we take the empowering step of creating a Transformational Storytelling World and commit the act of building a new life and a new story in the face of struggle. Giving the C of C life through your journey and your story is a grand decision to build a Heroic Future, develop your very own Marketable Franchise Property and create your very own Open Narrative and Storytelling World Platform. That’s bounty worth hunting for and hoping to collect. Welcome to the Tales from the Wreckage Initiative!

Tales from the Wreckage Initiative

The Mission of PHusion is to be a global leader in the production of disruptive and heroic media content and transformational storytelling. We are a Storytelling Platform open to all who desire to Move the World through the lived truth of their stories. We seek to develop and share the most transformational, heroic and profitable TransMedia Experiences and Empowering Tales of Struggle in the World.
This initiative is about the use of social media and emerging media platforms to broadcast empowering and compelling original transmedia content that promotes our heroic narratives, and story worlds, while driving merchandising, advertising, sponsorships and media revenue for other initiatives and for Sponsoring Companies featured on PHusion Platforms. The purpose of this initiative is to also support our Student Intern Initiatives with financial assistance for their degree programs and employment on a variety of projects which support their degree plans as well as PHusion’s mission of changing people and the world through powerful storytelling. This initiative also provides funds for Student Storytelling Scholarships. The detailed process, targets and objectives of this initiative are contained below and in accompanying documentation.


PHusion is currently in production of the following MFP’s:

Collaborative Partners

PHusion’s financial goal for this initiative is to generate 100 million dollars in 10 years in broadcast production revenue. Transactions of Initiative Collaborative Partners fund social and emerging media broadcast productions of empowering and compelling original trans-media content, Marketable Franchise Properties and Open Narrative Story Worlds. We also accept sponsors for specific Marketable Franchise Properties that coincide with the social initiatives of the sponsor company. Additionally, we want to produce and promote the Tales from the Wreckage Initiative Stories of Collaborative Partners and Sponsors. PHusion will identify, recruit and employ the best and brightest talent to produce powerful emerging media productions that broadcast empowering and compelling original trans-media content of our Marketable Franchise Properties and the featured stories of Sponsors and Collaborative Partners.
Interested corporations or individuals can learn more about the Tales from the Wreckage Initiative on Wrecked America and/or inquire with Fr. Steven S. Kirk to receive additional support details regarding Sponsors and Collaborative Partners.

Story World Internships

PHusion offers financial support for Millennials and XYZers to:
PHusion supports student interns through a collaboration with the Digital Media Studies Program at the University of Houston-Sugarland. Interns work on a variety of projects which support their degree plans as well as PHusion’s mission of changing people and the world through powerful story-telling. We also entertain internship inquiries from students in other digital-media-focused programs as well as recent graduates seeking work experience and portfolio development.
Interested?  Contact Dr. Kathleen Garland:

Scholarships for Storytellers

PHusion has provided funds for University of Houston Digital Media students. Storytelling Scholarships are available for 2021. PHusion will entertain storytelling scholarship inquiries from students in other media and communication focused programs in the Greater Houston Area.

Our criteria for recipients are:
Interested students should inquire about eligibility with Dr. Kathleen Garland: