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PHusion is a transmedia platform helping people to share authentic stories of their life journeys. Our goal is to be a global leader in the production of disruptive and heroic media content and transformational storytelling. As a Storytelling Platform, we are open to all who desire to Move the World through the lived truth of their stories. We seek to develop and share the most transformational, heroic and profitable Transmedia Experiences and Empowering Tales of Struggle in the World.
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Our narratives highlight perseverance and hope in the face of addiction and extreme obstacles. All beautifully illustrated with original art in the style of New Urban Graffiti (NUG), we invite audiences on a journey from shame and addiction to an expanding concept of becoming more fully human and beautiful.
Our stories are told through media, literary and musical content that highlight individuals and talented artists of various genres who have overcome extreme obstacles in pursuit of their dreams
Our narrative platform stories involve themes of activism inspired by a cast of characters from the stories told on Addiction Storytelling Podcast. We support Addiction Storytelling thru media, literary and musical content by raising awareness and eliminating the stigma surrounding addiction in hopes that more people will seek help and experience transformation. This is moving self to move the world.

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PHusion supports student interns through a collaboration with the Digital Media Studies Program at the University of Houston-Sugarland. Interns work on a variety of projects which support their degree plans as well as PHusion’s mission of changing people and the world through powerful storytelling. We also entertain internship inquiries from students in other digital-media-focused programs in the Houston Area as well as recent graduates seeking work experience and portfolio development.
PHusion’s financial goal for the Tales from Wreckage Initiative is to generate 100 million dollars in 10 years in content and merchandising revenue. Twenty percent (20%) of that revenue will go to create a fund to support the development of MFP Fallible SuperHeroes from the stories and tales of Millennial and XYZer Artists and Entertainers that inspire Millennial and XYZer Audiences and greater Social and Pop Cultural Activism. This is the activism of moving self to move the world. The focus of Phase I of this initiative is the establishment of a TFW SuperHero Fund thru the recruitment of Sponsors and Collaborative Partners and the organization of vehicles for public and private resources of capital and finance for the development of Millennial and XYZer Artists and Entertainers with compelling stories of overcoming extreme obstacles in pursuit of their dreams and Wrecked America Character Stories to achieve development of the most transformational, heroic and profitable TransMedia Experiences and Tales of Struggle in the World.
PHusion has provided scholarship funds for University of Houston Digital Media students. Storytelling Scholarships and Employment are available in 2021 for the Young Storytellers for Recovery Initiative. This initiative will a develop a Web-comic Series for Millennial and XYZer audiences based on Wrecked America Characters. PHusion will entertain storytelling scholarship and employment inquiries from students in all media and communication focused programs in the Greater Houston Area.

Our criteria for recipients are:
- Must be a degree-seeking student
- Have a focus on storytelling
- Be willing to appear on both sides of the camera
- Minimum GPA 2.5
- Completion of 85 hours towards degree

Interested students should inquire about eligibility with Fr. Steven S. Kirk:


Project Portfolio

Wrecked America

This is the home of stories about characters as they navigate this thing called Life. They tackle everyday issues and lead the audience to face the truth of their own narratives.

Tales From the Wreckage

This initiative is about the use of podcast, social media and emerging media platforms to develop and share the most transformational, heroic and profitable transmedia experiences and empowering tales of struggle from the world of recovery.

Moving the World

MTW Cooperative is a transactional, networking and marketing platform for the recruitment of sponsors and collaborative partners and the organization of vehicles of public and private resources of capital and finance to fund our media productions and publications in support of people in recovery and heroic storytelling.

Board Members

Fr. Steven S. Kirk

Dr. Kathleen Garland
Strategic Manager

James Temple

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We are a people who believe in our unparalleled power and privilege to transform ourselves and world with the heroic stories we live and tell. We believe authentic storytelling and lived truth can move the world. We are a multisided media platform that merges transformation and entertainment to promote finding the way back from extreme obstacles and addiction thru storytelling. We believe that Media has the power to shape the world. Through our collective efforts, we hope to inspire the next generation in media to tell the story of how no obstacle is too difficult to overcome. We invite you to become a part of the World of PHusion.