Transformational Storytelling

“…I was once asked, 'What about the development of PHusion has challenged you the most?' The best way to answer that is by sharing some of my story. I have overcome a drug dealing past, the shame of being sexually molested, being charged with grand theft auto and being disavowed by family members. On looking back at these experiences in my life, I see they were a part of a race to the bottom. I see a life spent devaluing my greatest asset – the Gift of my Franchise Story, the Secret Gift of My Faults. The Transformational Storytelling World of PHusion brought that race to an end…”
Fr. Steven S. Kirk, CEO of PHusion

Storytelling World Cast of Characters

Essential to telling any good Story are the Characters. One’s Cast of Characters (C of C’s) are a crucial dimension of the Transformational Storytelling Worlds of PHusion. The work of creating a C of C is essential to Transformational Storytelling because it reflects one’s ability to give the voice of life to one’s suffering and pain, one’s scars and one’s wounds. To create a C of C, one must take the negativity of that which is past and boldly declare, “This is me, this is a part of me. The past is not just something that happened to me. Nor is the past, and my experiences of the past, just some fate that was visited upon me like some helpless victim.” Creating a C of C is to defiantly, and perhaps even disruptively, declare to the world you choose to give the Magic of Life to the rubble, deceit, struggle, trauma and tragedy of the past and maybe even the present. Bringing to life the experiences of one’s Journey—this is a Heroic Act of claiming for oneself a better and brighter future.
By creating a C of C out of the untold stories of one’s past, one takes the empowering step of creating a Transformational Storytelling World and commits the act of building a new life and a new story in the face of Struggle. Giving the C of C life through your journey and your Story is a grand decision to build a Heroic Future, develop your very own Marketable Franchise Property (MFP) and create your very own Open Narrative and Storytelling World. Congratulations!!

Creating Open Narrative Storytelling Worlds

There are five initial steps to creating your Open Narrative and Storytelling World:
  1. Imagine the World: the world where who you are and have been is who you are meant to be. Embrace your past. Embrace the Secret Gift of Your Faults.
  2. Create the World: Discover the inner selves from your past and present. Identify your Story World Cast of Characters.
  3. Open the World: Start Journaling and Blogging about the Journey of your Cast of Characters.
  4. Explore the World: Seek to find Allies in your Struggle to live your truth. Develop a Story World Tribe by sharing your Cast of Characters with others journeying the PHusion Storytelling Worlds.
  5. Move the World: Move yourself. Become a Storytelling World flawed-Badass SuperHero. Share your story. Give a PHusion Platform Voice to the lived truth of your Story. Discover the power of the authentic and heroic story you live and tell to transform not only you but the world!

Begin Your Journey NOW

Post, Journal, Blog, Journey. Give your lived truth a Voice, Magically Move and Transform the World.
Act Now: #MovetheWorld, Start Journaling. Connect with PHusion today!