Fr. Esteban

The Smollett Action

All charges dropped against Smollett.

What? Are you F'ing kiddin me? What happened to all the bluster and fanfare with which the DA announced the charges, citing the extent to which Smollett's action in this charade were to leverage more money out the network for his staring role on the hit TV Show Empire.

What? Smollett's actions, they said, were so very injurious to law bidding citizens who got dissed in the process for real crimes perpetrated while the police were busy tending to Smollett's bullshit. It was a hate crime. No, it was an anti-gay incident. Stupid ass Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris call this a "modern-day lynching." What up? Holmes, yaw just got cat-fished by the system that purports to give a damn about Justice.

What? All charges dropped. Yep. And Smollett dropped the mic of that $10,000 in bail bond money on the City that usually goes back to the defendant when charges get dropped. Believe me I know.

Move along people. Nothing to see here. Same bullshit different day. All you need to know is this be America. The fake news, another victim story and the weapons of mass distraction continue. Wake the F up. Justice is for Sale. Now move the hell along!

The World Turns 2.0

Indictments handed down in largest College Academic Cheating Scandal. Nothing new here. It’s called the GREEN of Higher Education in America.

There’ll be a lotta hand wringing no doubt. But, this shit will continue unabated, business as usual. It’s the American Way- -If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

Trying are the brothers and sisters of Color in America who are forced to trade the prime years of their athletic talents on the altar of amateur status for a piece of paper and a ticket to future draft lotteries. Cheating are hypocritical plantation academic institutions who pimp these young people out while they rake in billions in TV Revenue off the backs of their hard labor and then have the audacious mendacity to act like they are out raged cause of a few of their elite donors and they kids go rogue and break off some of dis cheating action for themselves. Give me a F ing break.

This so-called Biggest Academic College Cheating Scandal in History ain’t nothing, to quote my Man X, but “...the Chickens coming home to Roost...”  

#StoptheBS Support Fr. Esteban for President in 2020 for real Justice for All in America and a New World Order. Comment. Follow. Blog. Share!

The Manafort Sentence

Look at the Paul Manafort Sentence my People. Was I wrong? Hell no! This is America and Justice is for Sale.

All the so-called outrage that Manafort got off with a slap on the wrist. "...What a mockery this light sentence he received makes of the Justice System...This proves White Collar Criminals get deferential treatment in America..." Nah. White Collar, Blue Collar or Orange Collar, the Collar and Color that matters in America is GREEN!!! Come on People. Wake the hell up. This ain't nothing new.

Don't be hoodwinked. Don't get bamboozled. I spent more time in high school detention than Manafort will spend in prison for his numerous felonies. If you're a person of color in this country, you too can Game the System. Just be sure to have plenty of GREEN in your pocket to cover any other color. That's what time it is. Don't like it? Find it unjust, unfair and even offensive? Tired of there being Justice in America just because you have money in your pocket?

Stop the BS. Support Fr. Esteban for President in 2020 for real Justice for All in America and a New World Order. Comment. Follow. Blog. Share!

Justice for All

Time to deliver on the promise of my Grand Vision.

...Breaking News: Fr. Esteban is running for President in 2020...”

My Platform: Criminal Justice Reform and Justice for All.

Justice is for sale in America and I can prove it. Look at my record and explain why I have never been sentenced to anything other than the fact that my black ass had money in my pocket to buy my way out of harms way. Elect Esteban President for Justice for all in America!

I say damn Kamila Harris, Eric Holder or any another Uncle Tom who would seek the votes of Black Men having spent a life time locking up Brothers and people of Color for the same crimes that white folk with money in their pockets, like I had, committed and got off scott-free. With Money in your pocket, you be free in America.

Vote for Fr. Esteban for President in 2020 for real Justice in America and a New World Order!

On Record

All this talk about me and my Gangster Proclivities. Hell, without me, there'd be no Fr. Kirk cause Steve Kirk would never have gotten out of Kalamazoo. I declared we're blowing this popsicle stand college or no damn college. West Coast here we come.

We know how to deal, and deal we will, drugs that is. Jobs, jobs come a dime a dozen. Hell, we came from the womb taking what we want and have never and will never let anything stand in the way, including family. Embezzlement from the family business was the move that funded our high school drug and criminal enterprises. And, where did Kirk's playin' sports and halfhearted attempts at studies back then get us? Nowhere.  Surprise. Hell no!!

LA, City of Angels, here we come. Time to find some new Kats to kick't wit. Shit, factory work and more half-hearted attempts at studying and the academics… This ain't what I was banking on. Nuf of this 9 to 5 shit. That's alright. I saw to it we have enough cheese banked for an exit tour stage south. Time to head south. Time for Jim Crow to get a taste of the Esteban (Lololol)

College, that was one of my greatest moves. After almost flunking out and that assault situation, I cut out with all the extracurricular action with the hunnies, man that shit hurt, so Kirk could finish strong, Magna Cum Laude, do his religious thing and get into Yale.

By the way, I got the damn money to get Kirk thru Yale including that Episcopal Church hustle with the year of studies abroad thrown in for good measure. When I run an institutional number, I know how to get us paid. Kirk may like hanging out with them bourgeois folks but I am about doors that open and gettin us paid and then on to the next hustle no matter what goes down. That be how we roll!

So many hustles over the years; not enough time to out-'em all. Damn, is Kirk here, does he have his health, have we done any time in the joint, have I not found a way to turn the shit, the mess, Kirk has been thru, into new hustles for getting us paid? Well?? Gangster Proclivities be damned. I been making the moves, this BS yaw call hurts, habits and hang ups, to keep him rolling and us getting paid for 29 years and got plenty more to make before I'm done. You doubt me, kiss my ass but watch me smoke'm!

The Grand Vision

(Seated. Eyes closed. Head leaning back in deep thought about the past and what’s next. A stream of consciousness begins to flow over him. Esteban is smoking this over.)

It might be time to take a crack at playing it straight, or at least transforming the hustle. But, how? You like entertainment, Nah, Houston already has too many strip clubs (a smile) I need to recruit a crew that is down with entertainment to get the money flowing.

What about some of da finest in entertaining, capital raising and celebrity endorsed deals in the world? (Damn, you’re good). A grand vision. A move to change history and change my damn history. I’m tired of riding second chair to Kirk. I am the visionary of this duo (smile). Have been and, hell. always will be.

(But here they come; the voices. I can just hear’em) “…But he’s dealt drugs. He’s been convicted of shoplifting. He’s been convicted of grand theft auto...” Yea, I hear’em, heard’em before, them damn debilitating voices of self-hating niggerization. Haters and doubters be damned. Tired of being denied. Tired of dancing to other people’s music and just ‘f-ing’ getting by. I’m making it happen. I’m gettin to the top or die trying.

It’s time. Don’t want to kick Kirk loose but I need to find a new crew to run wit on this move. I’m makin it happen. (Make it happen Esteban).

Eyes open. (Characteristically beautiful smile comes over his face, stands to his feet) You one Crazy Dude Esteban, you are one crazy dude!

Marketable Franchise Properties and Open Narrative Storytelling Worlds

A major goal of PHusion is the development of Marketable Franchise Properties (MFP) and Open Narrative and Storytelling Worlds. PHusion is pursuing broadcast productions in 2021 with a focus on the recruitment of Millennial and XYZer Artists and Entertainers. We are developing stories and empowering tales of struggle featuring Millennial and XYZer Artists and Entertainers who are about creating a Cast of Characters (C of C) out of the untold stories of their past, taking the empowering step of creating their own Transformational Storytelling Worlds and are committed to building a new story and a Heroic Future thru their Marketable Franchise Properties.
If you would like to develop your very own MFP, create your very own Narrative and Storytelling World Platform or possibly become a Move the World (MTW) Collaborative Partner, click here for additional information. Create your Heroic Future Here. Move Yourself. Move the World. Connect with PHusion Today!

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