‘Fr. Esteban’ and Marketable Franchise Properties

‘Fr. Esteban’ and Marketable Franchise Properties

“Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself” - Leo Tolstoy

“Let him who would move the world first move himself” - Socrates

‘Fr. Esteban’ and the Open Narrative Storytelling World of PHusion

1. ‘Fr. Esteban’ is a character whose Heroic SuperHero Purpose is to: 1) Move Self to Move the World; 2) Build a Movement of Unapologetic Love and Unarmed Truth; and 3) Bear witness to and draw power from his connectedness to Ancestral Strength (the Great Cloud of Witnesses) and allowing the Voices of Suffering to Speak;

2. How did ‘Fr. Esteban’ acquire 'SuperHero Power/Strength? In the Open Narrative Storytelling World of PHusion, Strength and/or SuperHero Power emanates from the Unparalleled Power of Individual, Collective and/or Cultural Mythologies and Storytelling in the Earth (a Force of Energy) to Transform People and #Move the World;

3. What is ‘Fr. Esteban’s’ Relationship with Fr. Kirk? ‘Fr. Esteban’ is an Inspirational and Challenging Source of Creativity for Fr. Kirk and PHusion.  Named Cast of Characters (C of C’s) are an Empowering Source of Inspiration and Creativity for all who belong to the Storytelling Worlds of the PHusion Open Narrative and all who seek to #Move the World by Moving Self first!

“…Be a Disruptor or be Irrelevant; Be a Masterpiece or just a Copy…”

“…Imitation is Suicide. Insist on yourself; never imitate…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Fr. Esteban’s’ Secret Gifts

1. What SuperPower and/or Strengths will ‘Fr. Esteban’ use to #Move the World? His Open Ancestral Narrative Connectedness, his Magical Transformational Journey and his commitment to Unapologetic Love and Unarmed Truth;

2. What unique SuperPower and/or Strengths will ‘Fr. Esteban’ use to achieve his Heroic SuperHero Purpose? What is the Charism (Charm, Mysticism, Enchantment, Wonderment, Magic, Intuition and/or Force of Personality) ‘Fr. Esteban’ has been imbued with to inspire others to embrace causes and become a part of a Disruptive Heroic Movement and/or Become a Disruptive Heroic Movement StoryWorld Storyteller? Fearlessness, Redeemed Gangster Proclivities (learned from engaging in criminal activity) and his unique Style; and

3. Other than the Weapons of the Unparalleled Power of Heroic and Transformational Storytelling (the Connectedness to the Powers of Ancestral World), how will ‘Fr. Esteban’ contribute to the #Move the World Movement of PHusion? His willingness to undertake the Magical Transformational Journey of PHusion and Bear Witness to the power of Unapologetic Love, Unarmed Truth and his commitment to ‘De-Niggeriztion.’

‘Fr. Esteban’s Character Development and Disruptive SuperHero Qualities

All are Gifted with Faults.

1. What if any are the complicated aspects (hurts, habits and/or hang ups) of the ‘Fr. ‘Esteban’s’ Personality? Like every Man or Woman in the Mirror, the complicated aspects of ‘Fr. Esteban’ Personality's reflect the Embraced 'Shape Shifting Secret Gift of His Faults’, Specifically, ‘Fr. Esteban’s’ Disruptive SuperHero Qualities include Criminality, Gangster Proclivities and a healthy dose of Arrogance;

2. Does ‘Fr. Esteban’ have a temper? Yes, and he also drinks and is prone to outbreaks of ‘mild profanity’ (Lololol);

3. Does ‘Fr. Esteban’ have a sense of humor? Yes, and he also knows the Power of Disruptive Joy and Hope. Disruptive Joy is laughter and humor, yes. Disruptive Joy is also about the capacity to increase our stake in the attributes we ascribe to the Divine. Disruptive Hope is not some sentimental optimism about the future. The source of Disruptive Hope is reflection on action. Disruptive Hope is about bearing witness to the gains and strides made in Moving Self to Move the World; and

“…Heir to the heavens beneath the skies. Yet, he falls, he falls to rise. Stumbling, stumbling beaten back, holding still to the upward track. Playing his part in creations plan, God like in Wisdom, this is Man…” - Unknown

4. What is ‘Fr. Esteban’s’ 'Kryptonite'? A deal gone bad. Does he have Enemies or Competition? Who or What are They? Yes, the purveyors of a bad deal and perceived slights. ‘Fr. Esteban’ is human, what can I tell you (Smile).

‘Fr. Esteban and PHusion’s Prophetic Vision of the Future (PHF)

We have stated PHusion is a Quest to Build the #Move the World Movement of Allies in the Struggle and bring to this Earth the Unparalleled Power of Transformational and Heroic Storytelling while Developing Open Narrative Storytelling SuperHeroes.

1. All Realities of the Human Conditions are fluid in an Open Narrative like PHusion. Does ‘Fr. Esteban’ have a role to play here and is it believed he can rise to the occasion? ‘Fr. Esteban’ is a Flawed SuperHero at best. His conflicts of character and/or perceived character defects will not be easily resolved (Sorry).

2. PHusion is a People who believe in the Power of Mythologies, Stories and Unconditional Love and Unarmed Truth to transform lives. Will this Battle be Won or Lost? PHusion is betting ‘Fr. Esteban’ will be a positive influence on this ambitious agenda and ‘Fr. Esteban’s’ penchant for criminality will not undermine business dealings. PHusion is betting, with a disclaimer on his Gangster Proclivities (Smile), ‘Fr. Esteban will not create trust issues inside PHusion (foolish people) nor effect how Fr. Kirk’s leadership is perceived in the real-world. PHusion is betting ‘Fr. Esteban’ will be a game-changer (I know that’s right) for this Prophetic Vision of the Future!!

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision...

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” - Helen Keller

Next session we’ll cover ‘Fr. Esteban’ as a ‘Marketable Franchise Property.’ What is a MFP? How you can develop your MFP and how PHusion can help? Let the Journey Continue!!