Embraced Gift of One’s Faults Cont.

We begin this session where last we parked. We pick up with the subject of Transformation.


"…We choose things on this journey not because they are easy but because they are hard; and because the goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills and the very best of how He (God) made us…" (John F. Kennedy)

Transformation is an overused word with little understanding of its meaning. We use it here to indicate a change; a fundamental change in discourse and understanding. PHusion is a people

…who believe in our unparalleled power and privilege to move the world with the heroic stories we live and tell…

Transformation is taking control of your story to take control of your life. Transformation is finding laughter in your story to find the power to transform your life and the World. Transformation is recognizing the scars, wounds and bruises of life as indicative of how far we have come and grown on our Life Journey.

Transformation can empower us to move beyond the judgments of our own social, cultural, sexual, psychological, gender and archetypal differences of inner woundedness and become Wounded Healers most capable of caring for the marginalized:

1) the least, the lost and the lonely; 2) the Wretched of the Earth and 3) the Disinherited of our own Cast of Characters and the (C of C’s) of others. Transformation is an Internal Storytelling Dialogue and an Empowering Heroic Conversation with ourselves. Transformation is never a commodity!


"The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st Century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human!" (Alan Toffler [MegaTrends])

In the Open Narrative StoryWar World of PHusion, Journeys are

…adventurous quest, something unpredictable and unprecedented that produces remembrance, recognition and an emptying of current patterns of thought, heart and behavior so that patterns of thought, heart and behavior that recognize and reflect one’s remembered and true Cast of Characters (authentic identities, values, dreams and aspirations) can emerge…

But, more than that, the Magical Transformational Journey is an adventure to the deepest meaning of what It means to be human:

“…Heir to the heavens beneath the skies. Yet, he falls, he falls to rise. Stumbling, stumbling beaten back, holding still to the upward track. Playing his part in creations plan, God like in Wisdom, this is Man…" (Unknown)

Magical Transformation Journeying is refusing to play the victim on this adventurous quest despite powers, people, circumstances or situations. For to do so, is to rob my Journey of Life of its Magical Transformational Power, deny our connectedness to our empowering connectedness and inspiration of the Ancestral World, those who came before and who go before us, thereby making some other person or force the Hero of the Story, give them the Starring Role in my Story and place them at the center of my Marketable Franchise Property (MFP)--my Soul Craft, my Story Craft and the Masterpiece of my Voice--the Journey and Story of My Life


Embracing the Secret Gifts of One’s Faults Exploration

Identifying One's Cast of Characters:

1. Name what typically makes you laugh and/or feel happy;

2. Name what typically makes you cry and/or feel sadness;

3. Name what typically causes you to love and/or feel moved to generously embrace others;

4. Name what typically causes you to hate and/or have difficulty relating to other people;

5. Name what typically allows you to forgive;

6. Name when you typically feel lonely and/or isolated;

7. Name when you typically feel anger and/or rage toward others;

8. Name when you typically feel in control of people and/or challenges or situations;

9. Name when you typically feel like a victimized by people and/or challenges or situations;

10. Name when you typically feel beautiful and/or unique;

11. Name when you typically feel ugly and/or ordinary or a copy;

12. Name when you typically feel week and/ or taken advantage of or abused;

13. Name when you typically feel strong and/or on top of your game;

14. Name what causes you to struggle and/or what if any dreams of memories from past experiences continuously haunt you;

15. Name what can keep you from telling the truth or operating with integrity, honor, decency and/or virtue.

This naming exercise will place you firmly on the road to Embracing the Secret Gift of your Faults and identifying your PHusion Open Narrative StoryWar World Struggle Cast of Characters.

Moral of This Story

Embracing the Secret Gifts of One's Faults is not only the essence of a Magical Transformational Journey, this is the embodiment of the Storytelling Transformational Magic that is PHusion and at the heart of honoring two of the Greatest Spiritual Commandments: 1) Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, Mind and Soul and 2) Love thy Neighbor as thy Self. This Journey is about embracing the Neighbor of One’s Cast of Characters and Moving Self to Move the World!!