The Open Narrative...

The Open Narrative Storytelling World of PHusion

“You got to be crazy to think you can change the World with an idea in your head and a song in your heart."  (MLK)

When last we met, our work was on Identifying and Naming our Cast of Characters. To review, this was the Exercise:

Embracing the Secret Gifts of One’s Faults Exploration

Identifying One's Cast of Characters

1. Name what typically makes you laugh and/or feel happy;

2. Name what typically makes you cry and/or feel sadness;

3. Name what typically causes you to love and/or feel moved to generously embrace others;

4. Name what typically causes you to hate and/or have difficulty relating to other people;

5. Name what typically allows you to forgive;

6. Name when you typically feel lonely and/or isolated;

7. Name when you typically feel anger and/or rage toward others;

8. Name when you typically feel in control of people and/or challenges or situations;

9. Name when you typically feel like a victimized by people and/or challenges or situations;

10. Name when you typically feel beautiful and/or unique;

11. Name when you typically feel ugly and/or ordinary or a copy;

12. Name when you typically feel week and/ or taken advantage of or abused;

13. Name when you typically feel strong and/or on top of your game;

14. Name what causes you to struggle and/or what if any dreams of memories from past experiences continuously haunt you;

15. Name what can keep you from telling the truth or operating with integrity, honor, decency and/or virtue.

This naming exercise will place you firmly on the road to Embracing the Secret Gift of your Faults and identifying your PHusion Open Narrative StoryWar World Struggle Cast of Characters.

Today, we take up some of key dimensions and benefits of Naming your Cast of Characters (C of C’s) and moving into the Open Narrative Storytelling World of PHusion.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision...

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."  (Helen Keller)

Moving People and the World thru the Unparalleled Power of Storytelling and connecting them to the Power of their Ancestral Heritage.

Dimension I

What is the Source of this Power and Energy?  

1. The energy and power to move People and the World thru your Storytelling is derived from one’s connectedness to the Ancestral Spirit World, the Stories, Music, History, and Humor that came before Us and the Heroes and Heroines of One's History and Heritage (the Cloud of Witnesses).

2. The Charism, Charm, Mysticism, Enchantment, Wonderment, Magic and/or Intuition that is the Storytelling World of PHusion is also a source that can inspire others to Embrace the Secret Gifts of their Faults and become Allies in the Struggle to #Move the World; and

3. This Power and Energy also animates from our bearing witness to our Individual, Collective and/or Ancestral and Cultural Mythologies.

Dimension II

How does one acquire this Power/Strength?

1. We experience this empowering connection and energy once we Embrace the Gift of Our Faults and are willing to Name Our Cast of Characters (C of C’s). This is the point at which we begin our Magical Transformational Journey and receive the inspiration to live and tell the stories that transform not only us but the World; and

2. In Embracing the Secret Gift of Our Faults and Naming Our (C of C’s), we will also find Inspirational Sources of Creativity to Move the World by first Moving Self and find the power to transform the stories we live and tell of pain and suffering, scars and bruises, into Stories of Unarmed Truth, Unconditional Love, Laughter and Joy and the Song in our Hearts.

We come to view telling our stories of Moving Self to Move the World as Rendering an Empowering Service to the Storytelling Narrative Worlds of the PHusion Platform.

Dimension III

What Power and/or Strengths will my Cast of Characters give me in my individual struggle to #MovetheWorld?

1. A Marketable Franchise Property (MFP), a Business as Person Narrative Platform Channel and a Heroic Story to Live, Tell and Transform the World; and

2. Your Cast of Characters will also provide you with Disruptively Humorous and Heroic Content for your development of TransMedia and TransBranding Personas and/or Avatars and future StoryWar Struggle SuperHeroes!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes."  (Marcel Proust)

Next time we’ll examine how all are Gifted with Disruptively Heroic and Humorous Characters and their SuperHero Qualities. The Journey Continues!! Stay Tuned (Smile)