Magical Transformational Journeys

Magical Transformational Journeys

The PHusion Platform is about Magical Transformational Journeys into the Ancestral Spirit World and an Empowering Connection to One's Personal Cast of Characters (C of C), the Embraced Secret Gift of One's Faults, Our Rebels Within and/or Our Personal Inner Demons, and inspiration that gives one access to the unparalleled power and privilege to transform oneself and the world with the stories one lives and tells. How does one begin this Journey? How does one experience this empowering connection, inspiration and unparalleled power to transform oneself and the world?

It begins by Embracing the Secret Gift of One's Faults. So, we start there.

The Embraced Secret Gift of One’s Faults

Magical Transformational Journeys is about Embracing the Secret Gifts of One’s Faults. We all have areas of ugliness in our lives past and present and will probably experience such instances in the future. We have stories we could tell about things we have done and things that have been done to us around which we find it difficult to often even remember let alone put into speech. Some of these experiences we have vowed to take to our graves and share with no one ever. I never once filled out a job application and listed among my skills I was the best drug dealer in my high school class; I never shared with the my ex-wife or the many women I dated over the years I had been sexually molested by my mentor while in seminary nor did I realize how I would let the shame of one criminal offense cause me to believe I would be unemployable, without viable professional job prospects, and thus spiral downward into even more dark criminal activity. I believed the worse stories I told me about me. These are my faults, deserved or not, and I was chained to them and them to me.

“…To romanticize the world is to make us aware of its magic, mystery and wonder; its to educate the senses to see the ordinary as extraordinary, the familiar as strange, the mundane as sacred and the finite as infinite…”(Novalis)
“…What a child doesn’t realize until he is grown is that in responding to fantasy, fairy tale, and myth he is responding to what Erich Fromm calls the one universal language, the one and only language in the world that cuts across all barriers of time, place, race, and culture…” Excerpt From A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy by Madeleine L'Engle

Today, I joyously count every one of these experiences and others like them as a part of what makes me unique, one of a kind and definitional to my identity. First, they don’t define who I am but the strength I have gained to date from them does define how far I have come. Second, I have recast the story of these experiences from seeing myself as a victim to being the hero of my stories and experiences no matter how painful nor traumatic. Third, I now believe any hurts, habits or hang-ups I have developed because of these experiences, and their scaring, wounds and bruises, are not behaviors to be despised, managed or changed but my Personal Cast of Characters (C of C’s), whom I love and whom I know love me.

Though they are at times rebellious as hell, indicative of the Civil War raging inside all humanity, my C of C's are here to empower, sustain and propel me forward despite powers, circumstances people, personalities or situations. And, you’re still not feeling the Magic LOL. The Journey Continues!!

Next time we will explore ‘Transformational Journeys’. Stay tuned :)